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Activate your Life Purpose and Spiritual Gifts to create a life of Freedom. 

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The Soul Power Symposium is back with Season 2 and we’re bringing you MORE Power, MORE Potency, MORE Inspiration, and MORE Activation!

Our epic speakers are inviting you to fully become the creator that is inherent to who you are.

Co-creator of your own life and the emerging new Earth…

Things on this planet are chaotic and appear to be falling apart. That is because we are in a very auspicious time of transition and birthing a new Earth together.

You came here for a purpose. It’s time to discover more about what that purpose is!

There is a light grid around our planet Earth, and your soul is a beacon within that grid. At the Soul Power Symposium, we will super-charge that light grid so that we can birth the new Earth from a place of deep Soul alignment. 

When you join Susie Beiler & Friends for the Soul Power Symposium, you will discover: 

How to Navigate the Soul Journey

How to Align to Your Soul’s Wisdom

How to Activate Your Soul Mission/Life Purpose

How to Integrate Your Soul Aspects

How to Integrate Your Soul Aspects

Registration is FREE and you will get access to ALL the talks, interviews, presentations, activations, and soul-code transmissions in the Soul Power Symposium series.

Your registration for the Soul Power Symposium also gives you access to some Bonus Free Gifts that will be available throughout the entire symposium: 

🔮 BONUS Soul Essence Activation with Susie Beiler 🔮

🔮 BONUS Soul Power Activation with The Maneirah Light Beings 🔮

🔮 BONUS Boost your Soul Power with Susie Beiler 🔮

Susie will guide you through a powerful activation to establish a connection to and cultivate your Soul Essence. Your Essence is your protection. It has the capability to heal your body. It will give you clarity and direction for your life purpose. 

Fill yourself up with your own energy every day! (Be sure to hydrate before and after working with these videos!)

Susie Beiler

Meet your guides for the Soul Power Symposium:

Susie Beiler, your host, will be with you all the way! She will open and close the Symposium with channeled Prime Creator transmissions, where you will go deep into an understanding of what the Soul is, how it interacts with the physical world, Soul Contracts, how it can be accessed and healed, and much more. Get ready for deep wisdom and soul-code activation! 

Set your foundation for a life birthed from your soul, so that you can create from YOUR true power!

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Includes both Season 1 and Season 2 replays, Season 1 to be accessible immediately upon purchase with download instructions

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