You are invited to step into more of your own 

Soul Power.

To fully become the creator that you are.

Creator of your own life. Co-creator of an emerging new Earth…

We are at a time on this planet where things are chaotic and appear to be falling apart. 

That is because we are in a very potent time of transition and birthing a new Earth together.

You came here for a purpose. 

You are ready to discover more about what that purpose is!

There is a light grid around our planet Earth, and your soul is a beacon within that grid.

At the Soul Power Symposium, we will super-charge that light grid so that we can birth the new Earth from a place of deep Soul alignment.

When you join Susie Beiler and Friends for the Soul Power Symposium, you will discover:

✨ How to Access Your Unique Soul Talents and Gifts

✨ How to Align to Your Soul’s Wisdom

✨ How to Activate Your Soul Mission/Life Purpose

✨ How to Integrate Different Dimensions of Your Soul into Your Life

✨ How to activate your Soul Power to create a life of deep fulfillment

Susie Beiler

Your Host

She will be with you all the way! She will open the Symposium with a channeled Prime Creator Q&A, where she gets deep into an understanding of what the Soul is, how it interacts with the physical world, how it can be accessed and healed - and much more. 

Get ready for deep wisdom and soul-code activation.

More speakers to be added soon...


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