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From Stacee Magee

What does your Aura color say about you?

Do you know what it means? What does it say about your soul's purpose and health?

In this episode, we'll be discussing the colors of Auras and what they say about our soul's purpose and health. We'll also talk about the aura colors of healers! 

Here's the Podcast link!

Soul Purpose Quiz:

From Kenji Kumara

Blogs for daily, weekly, and/or monthly reminders to keep you on track

New Signature Program on self-mastery:

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From Solara Rose


Living library of light-coded activations, masterclasses, quantum frequency technology, and luxuriant instrumental soundscapes for heart-mind coherence.

From Susie Beiler

Land in the New Earth Timeline

Over the new year, humanity made a quantum leap to the New Earth Timeline, but many humans are having trouble landing in this new reality. This meditative process will help you center and ground. Realize the possibilities you have in this new reality. Enhance your creativity, heal instantaneously, remember your spiritual talents, and more! Let the stories of your mind be quiet for just a moment as you breathe into what is possible now. Reprogram your cellular memory with your Original Divine Blueprint. Activate your DNA. Release and dissolve what no longer serves from your old timeline. Gather all your aspects and ground them into the core of the new earth.

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